Tony Lit

With the rain coming down today, I doubt we’ll see many politicians, but it’s given me time to have a look at the Conservative candidate Tony Lit. The others haven’t selected yet.

Tony is credited as being the Managing Director of Sunrise Radio, the largest Asian Radio station in Britain that was set up and is owned by his dad, multi-millionaire Avtar Lit, who ran as an independent Sunrise candidate against the Conservatives in 2001. Sunrise though was fined £10,000 for breaching election rules in that campaign. I guess both ruled him out as the Conservative candidate this time.

The Creative Match link above would seem to suggest that Tony lives in Richmond, although I’m not sure that’s important, I don’t live where I work either.

There’s also a video of Tony here, but it largely seems to be David Cameron talking and Tony stumbling a bit about why he wants to be an MP, surprises me for a bloke who works in radio. The guys walking behind them both with tiny Vote Tony Lit boards are quite funny, they keep trying to cover their faces and fill the background with the boards, but they’re too small.

 UPDATE: There also seems to be some fun moaning about the speed of Toby Lit’s selection on a Conservative website summarised here. And a discussion about him on Iain Dale’s blog here


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  1. […] General Secretary of the UK Asian Christian Fellowship, will be running against his recent MD, Tony Lit, as a candidate for the little-known Christian Party. Perhaps to protest about the state of the […]

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