Women shortlist?


I still haven’t seen much of the Labour campaign, however this might be due to their internal debate on their new candidate. The Eastern Eye on Friday had a good write-up about this. Piara Khabra wanted to be sure his successor was a woman and there was due to be an all-women shortlist. The speed of the by-election throws that into doubt. Although the two Councillors suggested in the article sound like they have a strong chance against any male opponents.

 There is also a Labour leaflet on-line here

 The Police graphic on page 2 is a bit odd. I think it’s a copy of the famous 1979 ‘Labour isn’t working’ poster, but the repetition of the same faces is bit jarring, with a random mum and daughter, and bloke in a red jacket appearing half-way down the line, amongst all the Officers.

 I hope our local Labour party isn’t counting the same Officers over and over again in their claim about more Officers for the community 🙂 


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