Lib Dems select Nigel Bakhai

Nigel Bakhai

Candidate number two has entered the race, Nigel Bakhai for the Liberal Democrats, who was also their candidate in 2005. I believe Labour are announcing their selection tomorrow?

Nigel seems to be laying out the basis of the Lib Dem campaign in his press release 

 – he came second last time

 – living in the constituency (Hanwell)

 – worries about crime, the NHS and Iraq

Although I have to say what caught my eye the most was his job “Equipment Demand Planner for Xerox in Uxbridge”. It’s not quite as funky as Radio station millionaire, but surely will provide quite an edge when it comes to printing leaflets…

Nigel also provides you with the opportunity to be his friend on social networking site, Facebook. It’s unclear whether there will be any discounts for copy toner as an incentive… sorry Nigel I will stop now… 


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