Southall Conservative defects to Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrat blogs appear to be going berserk (here, here, here, here, & here) over the news that Mr Brij Mohan Gupta, a Southall Conservative party activist has defected to them. He cites David Cameron’s “style over substance” as the main reason.

I haven’t yet seen any response on the Ealing Southall Conservative website although there is a story about 50 new street cleaners for the area from the Conservative-run Council. Oddly the National press has so far failed to pick-up this story.

Still nothing much happening with Labour, although they have trawled the Conservative blogs for evidence of disaffection with candidate Tony Lit.

Another local resident also appears to have been surveyed by the Liberal Democrats and had first contact with someone attempting to be the Official Monster Raving Loony candidate. They were not the same person.



  1. Alan said

    I’ve been called on by the Liberals too. No sign of the Loony party on my doorstep though. Shame, it could have been quite fun! I wonder when the other parties will start calling round?

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