Poster wars

Driving through Southall late this afternoon was interesting. Both the Lib Dems and Conservatives have got a number of posters up in the windows of local businesses, but no Labour that I could see. Some shops are partisan for one or the other, some have bet both ways. The kebab shop by Southall station has managed one from Respect as well, although that’s the first I’ve seen of their campaign. Anyone been contacted?

While stuck in the traffic on the Uxbridge Road I was also treated to the sounds of the a megaphone blasting out a message for Conservative candidate Tony Lit in English with a very BBC accent and what I believe is Punjabi in a thick local drawl.  although is was quite hard to tell the speed the car was travelling in the opposite direction before swerving into a side-street. ‘Conservative publicity-car mows down local shopper’ would probably not be the best headline for them. Although maybe he was trying to find Charles Kennedy who was apparently on the Broadway today.

There was a Lib Dem newspaper, the Ealing Express greeting me when I got in, which claims a “massive response” to their weekend crime survey, some stuff about the Iraq war, and a lot of focus on introducing their candidate Nigel Bakhai. Also some more of that here with a grainy video opening their campaign office.

UPDATED: This (notably partisan) blogger also seems to have noted the lack of Labour activity.


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  1. We are looking for some help from people living in Southall.

    We need election leaflets from all candidates in the July 19th by-election for our archive website –

    If you can help please contact us via the website or send leaflets to:

    PO BOX 4312
    WV11 3WZ

    We hope that our digital archive will significantly improve the accessibility and usability of such materials to students and researchers of politics.

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