What is the Conservative campaign?


I’m getting a bit disappointed with the Conservative campaign so far. This advert in Des Pardes Weekly is typical. Their main selling point seems to be that candidate Tony Lit is best friend with David Cameron. Other stories on their website seem to be local Council stuff, mostly defensive, that don’t have much to do with whether or not Tony Lit would be good in Parliament.

 David Cameron has many qualities I like. He’s positive, reasonably sensible on most policy issues that matter to me and clearly trying to change the parts of the Conservative party that I don’t like. The great weakness his opponents are picking up, and the stated reason for both the local defection this week and Quentin Davies MP last, is whether there is any substance behind the gloss.

Adverts like this, don’t encourage me that there is.

When I vote on July 19th, I’m going to do so for the candidate that I think will best represent me and my area and do the right thing for Britain, not just on whether or not I like David Cameron. I’m not that superficial, and I really hope I’m not atypical in that.

Both other major candidates have at least outlined their three priorities. So come on Ealing Conservatives, where’s the substance?



  1. jas singh said

    this advert is in Pardes Weekly, not Des pardes weekly

  2. I’m glad you like my emphasis on policies. I always think it’s important to discuss the issues. It’s not as if we’re short of issues to talk about round here!

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