Labour campaign map?


There’s a  Google map on the Southall Labour website which looks quite funky. Only problem is I can’t work out what it’s for or what it’s trying to say. Each of the red flags is where Labour have a Councillor and contact details, rather than evidence of any activity.

The single yellow flag links to a petition about installing knife detectors in schools “to discourage knife-carrying amongst youths”. An idea that has something to do with Ken Livingstone. Interesting question but I’m not sure why the flag points into the railway line near Southall station? There was a stabbing incident in nearby Merrick Road recently, but this was a youth centre not a school.

 If the problem is youths drinking and fighting outside schools would metal detectors and the staff needed to police them within the school necessarily be the best way to tackle the problem? Have the Labour campaigners looked at alternative solutions for the same cost?


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