More Lib Dem activity

I see Liberal Democrat candidate Nigel Bakhai, has commented on this blog and also that of another local blogger. Kudos for geek-skills Nigel, has anyone seen anything on their blog from Tony Lit or less plausibly Virendra Sharma?

On the ground they have a news story about their Leader Menzies Campbell visiting a local Gurdwara, although it’s quite hard to tell that from the photo, unless Campbell was cocooned in vortex of vast orange placards as a spiritual tribute. Note to Tony Lit not to develop placard envy at this point…

I’ve also seen a lot of suspicious pale yellow bags in the last 24 hours with slogans on inviting me to ‘Park’ (thank-you we already have controlled parking) and to ‘Achieve the Extraordinary’, which may be a similar invitation to the streets that do not.

My latest Lib Dem newspaper has a front-page devoted to Iraq, similar to page two of the last one just a couple of days ago and I picked up a soggy leaflet in the street that seems to suggest they have the backing of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) on this issue. I’m going to say that Iraq isn’t going to swing my vote in this election, but it’s a very clever strategy for this seat where we have a large Muslim community. 

I’m also finding LibDemBlogs an invaluable indicator of the mood in the Lib Dem camp. Assuming all the posts are genuine there seem to be a fair number of activists coming in from around the country also spotting some of the things I’m commenting on here. Their mood is upbeat which may suggest, given problems in the other camps, that they have momentum at this stage.

A good selection here, here, here, here, and here, where a particular suggestion has prompted some activity from Labour at last, who at least are getting properly furious in the comments section, if not near my letterbox.


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