Southall Labour defections to Conservatives


It’s musical chairs in the defections sweepstakes. Hot on the heels of a Conservative party defection to the Liberal Democrats, there have been two Labour defections to the Conservatives.

The Conservatives also have a new video up, although again very little in it from the Candidate Tony Lit, who has a slight stammer half-way through a simple invitation to other Conservatives to help with his campaign. There are also more stats about the record of the local Council, rather than what he’s going to do as an MP.

I’m also not sure how wise it was to show a high-speed tracking-shot through a largely empty office, cutting to an almost all-white campaign team treating themselves to a buffet as the frame for evidence of local support and activity. The two individuals earlier in the video who enact comedy-sprints to get out of shot are far more dynamic!


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  1. Ben Swaine said

    Defections? Who the hell are these people? Probably Gurcharan or Anand people under instructions.

    By the way, where is Mr Khabra’s right hand man Julian Bell going to jump? he was backing Jasbir Anand, but I imagine he’s schmoozing up to Sharma as we speak in order to keep his job.

    Mee the new boss, same as the old boss. But we won’t get fooled again.

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