Sunrise split?

Yaqub Masih

There is a suggestion (unconfirmed) on another Liberal Democrat blog that a Sunrise Radio Presenter Yaqub Masih and General Secretary of the UK Asian Christian Fellowship, will be running against his recent MD, Tony Lit, as a candidate for the little-known Christian Party. Perhaps to protest about the state of the building where they both used to work?

Elsewhere on the web Mr. Masih is described as “an advisor to the Bishop of Wakefield” with links to the diocese of Faisalabad, Pakistan”. He engages in outreach work in both the UK and Pakistan, and highlights in particularly the difficulties faced by Christians in that country.

Although those difficulties may not be helped by such innovations as a Jesus Telephone Line for Pakistan and actively trying to convert Muslims on a UK forum. Also his multi-faith credentials might be tested by wading into a possibly sectarian by-election campaign as an explicitly Christian candidate.

Still Mr. Lit will need more than the Christian Sunrise vote to win the seat so I suspect Conservative strategists are not worring yet.

 UPDATED: Now confirmed


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  1. Something fishy here.

    Your “convert Muslims” link shows him to be a Mormon (Latter Day Saints):

    “I am not talking about Christanity which is fallen from the grace of the Almighty through Apostasy which almost all muslims have got knowledge of or interacted with, but rather I am testifying about the true order which has been restored from Allah through a living prophet in this day and age.

    One of the articles of faith given through prophet Joseph Smith reads:We believe in what God had revealed, what He is revealing now and He will reveal many more things pertaining to the kingdom of God.”

    Mormons are a non-Trinitarian church outside the mainstream, and would not be advising CofE Bishops – or be Pentecostal pastors for that matter.

    I think you have conflated more than one person.

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