Five Labour Councillors defect

Late blogging tonight, having being mildly distracted by filling in a Liberal Democrat survey on local health issues. Although given this blog, I’m not sure who at their campaign HQ might be reading my response. 


The big story of the day was the defection of five Labour Councillors to the Conservatives, including the formerly ambitious rival to Virenda Sharma, Gucharan Singh. I have to say on the surface it smacks a little of sour grapes and sectarianism. Singh and friends are Sikh, Sharma is a Hindu, both are large minority communities in Southall.

It’s not clear to me what policy matters encouraged this Damscene conversion, largely because the five Councillors don’t mention any, other than being mildly impressed with the way the Conservatives are running the Council. Either way though it’s good news for the Tory campaign and bad news for Labour.

 The Liberal Democrat take on the matter is that both sides ‘are in chaos’, although it’s unclear if their claim about a former Conservative independent candidate Gulbash Singh running is still correct, given the Conservatives are claiming he has dropped his own bid to back Tony Lit.

The Liberal Democrats also feel the momentum is still with them after claiming some of their ‘best canvassing for a decade’, whatever that means in substance. Still the election is proving to be far from dull!



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