Conservative MP caught faking?

A bit of a coup for Liberal Democrat blogger Mark Pack who has exposed Conservative MP Grant Shapps, the Conservative party’s campaign organiser in Ealing Southall, and apparent web guru for attempting to pose as a Liberal Democrat activist when commenting on a blog. Unfortunately for the web-whizz he was logged into his You Tube account when making the post, so it appeared under his own name. Full analysis here.


This left him making the rather damaging comment that “realistically we’re not going to win” in his own name, which no doubt will soon be appearing on Liberal Democrat and Labour leaflets soon.

However later today a rather dubious denial appeared on Iain Dale’s blog which suggests that his account was hacked due to a easily accessible password of “1234”, which has now been changed. There are though now several dozen muggers in Ealing all looking out for Mr. Shapps who reckon they’ve a fair bet on guessing his PIN number should they secure his bank card.


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