Sixth defection wobble

Accusations are flying between the Conservative and Labour camps today over whether or not a sixth Labour Councillor, Zahida Abbas Noori had defected or not.

Outrageous lies according to Labour HQ, the fastest double-rat in history according to Conservative blogger Iain Dale. Neither side though comes out of the incident/non incident (take your pick) looking good.

Something though is clearly going very wrong in respect of unity in the local Labour party, so bad that they’ve had to issue a statement headlined “Sikh community unites behind Labour candidate”.  

On one happy note though the Conservative-run Ealing Council hasn’t yet noticed the shift of allegiance of at least five of Labour’s Councillors. This must be the much trumpeted improvement in efficiency that forms a cornerstone of the Conservative campaign. Either that or Council Officers are very foresighted as they’ll all be back next week.



  1. Chris Paul said

    There are some of them that would not be welcomed back to be blunt.

  2. Chris Paul said


  3. southall said

    Confusion was caused by signing a blank piece in case “Gurcharan fail in his interview” and ….
    Shows a clear lack of confidence in him by his colleagues.

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