Too much already

The Liberal Democrats have gone a bit frantic in their desire to win the Internet campaign. I’ve had to wade through a bunch of press releases on their site today. Quality not quantity people, please!

Nigel Bakhai apparently is launching a “massive clean-up campaign”, this presumably to complement the “massive response” to his previous survey. In it he lists various problems that could apply to anywhere such as “litter, grafitti, broken pavements and dangerous potholes”, and has a nice picture of him sitting next to a load of cardboard boxes in a car park that could be outside any supermarket.

The next big story is about fly-posting on Lady Margaret Road… 

Another on rat problems caused by dumping

Another on flooding in Lammas Park… another about more fly-tipping…

It’s all a bit ‘local Councillor’…. which is fine, but we’re electing the MP on the 19th, not Ealing Council. If my MP is busy agonising about every crisp packet blowing down Ealing Broadway, then I have my doubts about whether they are spending enough time looking at government legislation.

In fairness there is also a story about helping a local school by liaising between the Council and government and a natty online health survey. But then if you’re going to put the word ‘Focus’ on every leaflet you’re putting through my door, then please… show some.



  1. Chris Paul said

    How am going to fill in Nigel’s Health Survey? I know nothing about the man’s health at all. So where do I start?

    Meanwhile spot on about the local councillorism. It seems pretty feeble trying to get a Councillor elected in a Westminster election when you cannot get one in the LG elections? Seems a bit sneaky that does.

  2. You have a valid point, but during my canvassing the major issue people had was the state of their street, in particular the problem of dumped rubbish attracting rats, which I blogged about previously.

    I think Nigel is right to focus on something that is affecting these people’s health on a daily basis.

  3. ian Ridley said

    Chris Paul wrote, “It seems pretty feeble trying to get a Councillor elected in a Westminster election when you cannot get one in the LG elections? Seems a bit sneaky that does.”

    The Lib Dems were in a similar position in Brent East prior to that by-election – not a lot of local councillors at the time. But they won the by-election and held the seat at the subsequent General Election.

  4. Liberal Neil said

    And went on to win a pile of Council seats in 2006.

  5. I think it is for the public to judge what an MP should do – MPs are after all there to work on our behalf.

    In my experience people do want MPs who deal with the big issues of policy and are interested in international matters, but they also want MPs who will take up the very local matters in their own street too – as do I, which is why that’s the combination I’m standing on. With me people will get an MP who wants to improve our local health services, bring British troops home from Iraq soon and who will also continue to campaign on the very local issues of dumped rubbish, graffiti grot spots etc.

    We will see next week what my neighbours think of that combination!

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