Wrist slapping

A second comment from Liberal Democrat candidate Nigel Bakhai has put me in my place on whether or not a focus on the very local, matters for our MP. Still no blog-comment love from Tony Lit or Virendra Sharma.

He writes:

“E-mail : nigel@ealinglibdems.org.uk
URL    : http://www.ealinglibdems.org.uk
I think it is for the public to judge what an MP should do – MPs are after all there to work on our behalf.

In my experience people do want MPs who deal with the big issues of policy and are interested in international matters, but they also want MPs who will take up the very local matters in their own street too – as do I, which is why that’s the combination I’m standing on. With me people will get an MP who wants to improve our local health services, bring British troops home from Iraq soon and who will also continue to campaign on the very local issues of dumped rubbish, graffiti grot spots etc.

We will see next week what my neighbours think of that combination!”

I stand correct, unless he doesn’t win of course… by way of compensation Nigel you may enjoy this random Liberal Democrat poster that appears to have made it’s way briefly into Virendra Sharma’s campaign video on YouTube.

Lib Dem poster

It’s quite a fun video, shortly after this flyby, we see Mr. Sharma walking with some men banging drums while on his mobile phone. We can only imagine the conversation:”What…! hello…! no, you’ll have to speak up Gordon…! yes I’m Ealing…! road-works… no…! it’s my band… we’re on the next season of Britain’s Got Talent…! what do you mean the last seaon got won by a Liberal Democrat Councillor… bad line… bye Gordon…!”

He then gives a short, comptent speech, marred slightly by nervously clutching his own postcards and occasionally inadvertently picking the nose of his own photo. Cleaning up parts of Ealing the Liberal Democrats cannot reach perhaps…



  1. Sadly Nearby Nigel has not commented on anything over at my blog. I’m green with envy and red with fury and feeling blue … anything but yellowy orange.

    Is it right that someone has used one of those photo enhancers (as seen on TV) on the video from Lib Dem HQ and discovered that the volunteers are addressing envelopes for County Durham addresses?

    Is Nigel simply running interference for the man in Sedgefield?

  2. Alan said

    You seem to have linked to the Conservative Party website by mistake rather than to your own blog. At least that gives a clue as to who you really are!

    By the way, I have not seen any evidence of your other claims. There seem to be a lot of dirty tricks in this by-election, and this looks like another (Conservative) set to me, unless you can publish your evidence.

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