More leaflets

The Liberal Democrats love my letterbox, I have two leaflets from them today. One on slightly glossy A3 papers is about the NHS and makes some pointed remarks about the Conservative record on the NHS and suggests their candidate Tony Lit doesn’t use it, which I suppose is possible. Certainly on an unkind reading of Tony’s latest news story which seems to make a visit to Ealing Hospital sound quite an unfamiliar outing for him.

My uncle is a doctor and is constantly moaning about the way the NHS has changed in recent years, and pretty much most of the years before that, working for the NHS is clearly not good for your health.  

The other is a folded A4 asking whether or not my “Post Office is on Labour’s secret hit list?”. It invites me to fill in a petition against Post Office closures. Unfortunately Post Offices don’t play any great role in my life beyond buying stamps and getting annoyed about standing in long queues to post parcels, but then come to think about it maybe there’s a reason for those long queues, maybe I will sign it.

The Conservatives have also sent me a newsletter, which I’m afraid is more about David Cameron wanting me to vote for Tony Lit, and less about why I’d want to vote for either of them.

There is some substance on the Conservative opposition to the West London tram, which the Liberal Democrats also oppose. It’s not though an issue that gets me very excited either way, although the Liberal Democrats have caught Mr. Sharma being a naughty boy in voting for it and then appearing to say otherwise. He also seems to have forgotten about the tram in a visit by Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly here. Oddly she came to listen to Ealing’s commuters but no one mentioned the tram…

For tramophobes though there is a good long list of the arguments against here. If it seems like a long rant to you, or rather sequence of very detailed mini-ones, then you may gather why I’m not dwelling much on the issue on this blog. Life is too short.

On the subject of long rants there’s a ‘have your say’ on the Labour party website, which has some corkers including what appears to be a complete history of Sikh sectarian struggles. Well worth a visit if you have a spare lifetime or two.


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