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I’m tempted to stop reading leaflets now, a snow plough may well be needed to clear my porch for the next few days. My brief observations today is that all three main parties now seem to be deploying those annoying megaphone cars, the Conservatives seem to be winning the poster war in the shops and the Liberal Democrats have more on the streets (or at least near me they do). Very attractive addition to the gnomes those large orange squares on sticks.

So have they all annoyed me enough to vote for one of the long-shots?

I’ve had three communications from wildcards, Respect, UKIP and the Greens.

Respect have a beaming picture of George Galloway, sans-catsuit inviting me to vote for Salvinder Dhillon who says “No to war, no to privatisation and yes to public services”, and invites me to put “people before profits”. He also support better pay for postal workers, but only it would seem if they are a member of the CWU Union, which alarms me a little. What about non-unionised posties George, are they to expunged in the revolution?

UKIP candidate Dr. K. T. Rajan wants a referendum on the European Union, and doesn’t seem to like immigrants very much, who are apparently “the biggest problem facing Britain”. An interesting message to send to the multi-cultural residents of Southall. I suspect Dr. Rajan may not be taking this election too seriously.

The Green’s candidate Sarah Edwards wants to “work for social justice and a better environment”, this presumably to distinguish her from all the candidates campaigning for unfairness and raping the planet. It’s a dinky little leaflet on cheap paper, with some appealing points, but it’s a bit generic, nothing here that really suggests the candidate knows Southall.

So much to consider…



  1. Vindico said

    Thnaks for creating this site as it helps people like me who are interested but dont live in the area to get a feel for what is going on.

    Interesting analysis of the leaflets you have received. The comment i would make, and i declare my interest as a UKIP supporter, is that K.T.Rajan makes the point on Immigration that a) we have lost control of our borders, having handed power to the EU and b) the solution is to have a migration policy which treats any non-Brit equally and which protects our porous borders from illegal immigrants. Currently 500m people have the right to settle in the UK through the EU. Is it not right that we should determine who and on what basis is allowed, rather than have an open door policy to those in the EU but not to those outside the EU? I think most people feel the current arrangement is unfair and I don;t see why you might consider his position a joke as he is not anti-immigrant but pro-sensible immigration controls. A substantial difference with the BNP who we in UKIP are unfortunately associated with by the media.

    Also if you look at UKIPs policy on ‘nationalism’ you will find it is a mix of civic nationalism (as advocated by David Blucnkett whereby different races and cultures and enthnic nationalities unite around a civic idea of a nation), and cultural nationalism where different races and cultures unite around a common culture. The BNP policy is ethnic nationalism and they seek to repatriate “non-ethnic Brits” using “legal instrument”. Disgusting.

    Anyway, thank for this blog and keep it up. I hope you might consider K.T Rajan as he is an excellent candidate and standing for a libertarian party that deserves a voice to tell our views directly rather than have them filtered by the media. Sorry for rambling.

  2. You really are making some of us green with envy at the thought of all those leaflets in your porch….


    We need election leaflets from all candidates in the July 19th by-election for our archive website –


    If you can help please contact us via the website or send leaflets to:

    PO BOX 4312
    WV11 3WZ

    We hope that our digital archive will significantly improve the accessibility and usability of such materials to students and researchers of politics.

    Hope you don’t mine us adding your reports to or archive blog. It really is good to have a firsthand. Independent account of the by-election campaign.

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