Monday, 3 days to go

More literature today when I got in from work, no time to read in detail though as bit of a late one, and the words are all starting to merge together. Conservative one is A4 and dismisses the Liberal Democrats, the Labour one is A5 and slags off the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats have sent a newspaper that has a large tabloid headline focused on the suggestion that the Conservatives admit they can’t win and that bar chart again, possibly with more languages on it than last time…  but my eyes grow bleary.

Online, in ‘breaking news’ on the Conservative website we learn that, if elected, Tony Lit will fight “tooth and nail” against Labour’s proposed tram. I’m not entirely sure this counts as news given it’s one of his campaign pledges, but it does bring to mind an troubling image of my Conservatives Councillors trying to stop a moving tram with their teeth… and some nails.

On the nails theme (rusty this time) the Labour website informs us, perhaps prematurely that the “Tory Campaign Collapses”, with a sequence of somewhat catty remarks about a David Cameron hosting a cocktail party for Tony Lit. Presumably this party was cheaper for Tony than his last dinner engagement. Not a lot of news about Virendra Sharma, which I assume is why the snazzy Google Map on the home page doesn’t seem to have been updated since the campaign began, unless you count the removal of five of the Councillor flags.

The Liberal Democrats inform us, unremarkably that their leader Menzies Campbell  is backing “Bakhai to the finish”. They are though wooing me with their  “five steps to a safer Britain” including the appealing idea of making prisoners work to pay for a victims of crime fund. They also like nurses, I like nurses, I feel happy. They don’t like developers in Hanwell Lock, I don’t like the developers either, I feel cross. 

With that emotional maelstrom whirling through my mind I’m off to bed, good night candidates, good luck on Thursday…



  1. 601 said

    Found out!

    You are going to voe for the lib Dems!

  2. Chris Paul said

    601 is almost correct. You are Nigel Bakhai relaxing after a hard day slaving over a red hot photocopier … and I claim my £5.

  3. 601 said

    How can you vote for Sharma ? Watch the You Tube Video.

    I hope it’s not libel.

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