All over soon

In just over 24 hours we should know who our new MP will be.

The Conservative and Labour websites haven’t put any new stories today. The Liberal Democrats have four, most notably that they’ve called the Police to investigate the theft of their stake-boards (troubling, on the other hand I have just acquired a smashing new orange table to prop up my monitor). Other stories re-iterate previous themes.

A quick trawl around around the blogs mentioning Ealing shows a few people preparing to come to Ealing to campaign/annoy us all day tomorrow. Also some attempts to predict the result, here, here and here. The Times also have a good round-up of the day’s street campaigning here.

Overall I get a sense of campaign weariness and people looking forward to the result.

I’m certainly more than a little curious. 

However, voting tomorrow morning, congratulating the winner tomorrow night, and then… we’re done.



  1. John Ionides said

    Welcome to the crazy world that is by-elections; when all the parties choose to concentrate as much manpower as possible in a small area then the only thing to suffer are the letterboxes. Personally, I blame the LibDems, as they were the ones who pioneered specical by-election taks forces that hop around the country with a mobile printing press! But of course, once one lot starts, the others have to follow suit and you end up with a tidal wave of leaflets and rossettes.

  2. Anil Sharma said

    Story emerging ( that someone called Mr Rai has committed suicide. If this is Dr Rai one of the candidates, do the rules allow the election to carry on.

  3. Joe Taylor said

    May I refer “Anil Sharma” and anyone reading their comment to this story on Bloggerheads:

  4. 601 said

    “Police launched an investigation last night into allegations that someone had broken electoral law by leaking the results of the postal ballots in today’s Ealing Southall byelection.

    A posting on a Daily Telegraph website – subsequently pulled – claimed that the Tories were neck and neck with Labour and the Liberal Democrats trailing in third place, about five points behind”

    Only Tony Lit can beat labour.

  5. Anil's Old Man said

    Apologies for the stupid, senseless and downright irresponsible behaviour of my schizophrenic son Anil. He’ll be washing dishes for a week now.

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